Coaching crisis

Management team

Do you know the consequences if your organization is not ready for cultural change?

Do you sometimes have irrational behavior in your team during daily activities?

Do you have the courage to make a crucial decision?

my coaching partners teaches you how to maintain your state during crises and cultural changes, with the ability to find solutions on the spot that will facilitate the implementation of the cultural change strategy within the company.

Coaching crisis


What would happen if:

you are confident about your potential and your abilities, and embrace change without fear or arrogance;

you learn on the fly and have the courage to challenge the « statu quo » by presenting new ideas and approaches that add value to the organization;

you are an alert decision-maker, even under pressure and in difficult circumstances;

you concentrate all your energy on the essential tasks that require a high level of skills;

you maintain a positive attitude in difficult and complex situations;

you are an exchange partner for your colleagues, with respect and fairness, despite the hierarchy and positions in the company?

Coaching crisis

Practical Information

Coaching in your premises

Number of sessions according to the availability of the management team
Duration of each session according to the availability of the management team
Frequency according to the availability of the management team
Language French, English, Italian, Spanish, German
Coaching location your premises
Term of contract from 12 months
Fees variable *

* Fees are calculated based on the number of objectives and indicators of success, the complexity of the objectives and the context of the coaching work, the commitment of the clients, evaluated by the coach, the conscience and the determination of the coachees. Travel and other expenses are not included in this package.