Coaching phobias

For all

Is your life limited by your phobias? For example:

phobia of heights (acrophobia)

phobia of spiders (arachnophobia)

snake phobia (ophidiophobia)

phobia of a panic attack in the crowd (agoraphobia)

phobia of germs (mysophobia)

dog phobia (cynophobia)

phobia of the airplane

Are you anxious / freaked out when you have to go into a context that you consider phobic?

Are you obsessively repeating the same gestures or behaviors?

Thanks to its approach, my coaching partners is able to eliminate phobias and compulsions in a very fast and sustainable way.

Coaching phobias


What would happen if you:

stop avoiding phobic contexts and realize your hidden desires;

discover new areas of life without phobias and compulsions;

release phobia and / or compulsions in a short time and in a sustainable way;

become independent and you are surprised;

make your presentations with efficiency and determination;

stop compulsively repeating the same actions / behaviors and enjoy social life?

Coaching phobias

Practical Information

Coaching in our premises

Number of sessions as much as needed to reach the goal
Duration of each session from 30 mins to 2h, individually
Frequency at least 1x per month
Language French, English, Italian, Spanish, German
Coaching location Chemin du Muveran 4, 1012 Lausanne
Term of contract from 1 to 12 months
Fees variable *

* Fees are calculated on the basis of the number of objectives and indicators of success, the complexity of the objectives and the context of the coaching work, the client’s commitment, evaluated by the coach, the conscience and the determination of the people coached in relation to their objectives.