Redesign of our website

«Information is power» … and it is with this philosophy that the new website of my coaching partners was born, in order to give the necessary information to its visitors and to our clients, so that the power of the sensitization may guide them in the addition of new choices to their life for success, strength, confidence, freedom and well-being.

The new website of my coaching partners conveys our passion, strength and versatility of the methodology of the New Code NLP that allows our clients to have generative changes that increase their performance in the different contexts of their lives.

We wanted to create a dynamic and easy-to-use website where you can get quick answers to your various questions, where you can find useful information about our approach, our coaching process, the packages we decided to create to better respond to your needs.

Thanks to its flexibility, our approach is applicable to all sectors and all ages.

On the website of my coaching partners, you will find the target audiences we address, divided into three broad categories: companies, individuals, sport.

During each session, we described what my coaching partners offer, what to expect after a coaching with us, in addition to practical information that will be useful to you in deciding to contact us.

We are proud to be able to share with you a selection of clients with whom we have worked over the years and some testimonials from our clients about the results achieved and of which they are proud. A section that we hope to enrich day after day and where you can then find yourself.

The will is to give you continuous updates through the blog through articles, sharing experiences and events that we will create and live.

We wish you a good browsing!