Welcome to my coaching academy!

Welcome to my coaching academy!

The meeting with my wife Federica De Nardi is at the origin of the creation of my coaching academy, which is part of my coaching partners SA and which deals exclusively with training.

We have created a “Campus for Life” where companies, individuals and coaches can integrate tools to transform their way of responding to life’s challenges.

The intention of my coaching academy is to offer the widest audience the opportunity to experience the innovative training models of the New Code of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), with the certification of the “International Trainers Academy of NLP “(ITANLP).

My coaching academy offers general courses on specific topics, such as burnout prevention, professional communication, coaching, parent-child relationship. The approach focuses on the systematic identification of the needs of each person, who can find the most appropriate models in a pragmatic and stimulating way. The participant can immediately check the effectiveness of these tools by applying them in the situations concerned, with complete autonomy.

The training is based on an inductive and non-deductive mode: it aims at integrating the tools so as to apply them spontaneously and naturally at home, without being encumbered by the theory. Participants experiment with NLP New Code models in stages, during and between courses, before receiving explanations. Groups are limited to a maximum of 10-30 people to ensure that each participant can find the tools that suit their needs. The various modules last between 4 hours and 10 days.

What are you waiting for to visit the site (www.mycoachingacademy.ch) and register?

See you soon,

Federica and Alessandro