Coaching in-house


Are you exhausted from being alone and still facing the same problem?

Would you like to be more efficient at work?

Do you have trouble acting in a difficult situation?

my coaching partners offers you the opportunity to be present in your company, in a temporary office, 4 to 8 hours a day between 1 and 4 days per month, becoming a real partner in management. 


Depending on their needs, managers can access the coach whenever they want to discuss a problem and quickly define measurable, specific, realistic and concrete goals to solve it.

Coaching in-house


What would happen if you and your managers:

receive quick and accurate feedback to evaluate performance;

stay focused on your work, having all the tools available, on demand, to carry out your actions;

achieve accurate results through attitudinal changes and concrete behaviors;

develop a responsible, determined and affirmative attitude;

solve problems in a simple and effective way;

prepare effective and convincing presentations?

Coaching in-house

Practical information

Coaching in your premises

Each manager in the company will be able to participate in an on-site coaching session by registering for the available slots of the list of the day.

Number of sessions as needed for each executive and manager
Duration of each session from 30mins to 1h, individually
Frequency at least 1x per month
Language French, English, Italian, Spanish, German
Coaching location your premises
Term of contract from 1 to 3 years
Fees on request*

* Fees are calculated based on the number of people in the company, the complexity of the objectives, the indicators of success and the context of the coaching work, the commitment of the clients, evaluated by the coach, of the conscience and the determination of the coachee in relation to their objectives. Travel and other expenses are not included in this package.