About Us


As many have noted, change is the only constant in the human experience.

So if change is inevitable in all contexts of our lives, what is the most appropriate way to respond to it?

What if you do not know that you are in a golden cage, that you call your life, where you repeat the same behaviors insistently, compulsively and continuously, achieving the same results?

How will you liberate yourself, express yourself and surprise youself, giving yourself more choice?


Our mission is to unlock higher levels of human performance in a world that is changing too rapidly, where stress, anxiety, complexity and pressure on human relationships are constantly increasing in all areas of life, reducing our ability to recognize, select and choose the most appropriate options. Is it possible? Yes.


We do individual or team coaching for:

national and international companies (management, business, in-house, teams, burn-outs, crises)

individuals (personal coaching, family, children, couples, phobias and compulsions)

athletes (individuals and teams)

We use the technology of the New Code of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

About Us


Alessandro de Vita Zublena has an extraordinary experience gained in more than 45’000 hours of coaching since 1994.

He started as an independent coach, a successful activity for 18 years with Adzconseil. In 2012, he created my coaching partners SA (MCP) with the intention of developing a team sharing the same values, and using the same methodology and approach: the New Code Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).
The quality, efficiency and power of coaching remain the same with all coaches trained by MCP.

This success is based on an innovative coaching technique and the trust of our clients in all areas of activity. my coaching partners can count on an international network of coaches who use the same methodology.


Discover Alessandro’s adventure from the beginning.

Alessandro Di Vita Zublena

Alessandro de Vita Zublena

Fondateur, Senior Partner & Director

Alessandro de Vita Zublena is a coach and psychologist specializing in change management. It leads you irresistibly to high performance, where you will discover what it means to «expand the reach of your life». He is very ambitious when it comes to setting goals and challenging results.

Federica De Nardi

Federica De Nardi

Senior Partner

Federica De Nardi is coach and biologist specialized in neuroscience with a strong background in business. Her contagious passion and determination reinforce his know-how to guide the client in reaching high performance states. An unstoppable motivator, she helps her clients get out of their «familiar zone» and create new possibilities in any context.

About Us


For us, understanding the problem is not critical to the success of the change process.


In fact, it can be quite dangerous for the coach to try to understand the problem of the client, because it can lead to projections, misunderstandings, and especially to a practice contrary to our ethics, imposing on the client the perception of the coach, his/her beliefs and his/her values.

“The problem is not the problem. The problem is the state that the client goes into as s/he approaches the context where s/he thinks the problem is.” (John Grinder)

We know how to clarify a context and generate the state in which the client becomes competent and independent to deal with the problem.

What we do:

During a coaching session with our clients, we draw their attention to their state, especially in a context where they usually have no choice, or only unsatisfactory choices. We select the most appropriate protocol to influence the internal images, sounds, tactile awareness, internal sensations, taste and smell that have hindered our client. We do this with New Code Games, State Builders, and unconscious processes. The result is that when the clienst enters the limiting context again, he can immediately generate creative and efficient behavior, in a state of High Performance, without ever needing to know what specific behavior is going to happen.

What we do not do:

During the coaching session with our clients, when they express their experiences by word, action, attitude and perspective, we are NOT criticizing, interpreting, judging, encouraging, we do not impose any formulation of beliefs or values, we do not do archaeological research of causes, we do not try to understand why this happened, we do not give suggestions, advice and opinions.