Coaching team

From 5 to 20 people

Do your team members have an entrepreneurial spirit? What would happen if you had more?

Do you have clearly defined roles and responsibilities within your team, related to your goals?

Are you missing team spirit?

my coaching partners ensures a fast and visible reinforcement of your team, which will have a lasting influence on the daily activities and the overall performance.

Coaching team


What would happen if you:

form a cohesive and responsible management team motivated by efficiency and performance;

have shared responsibilities for performance and a clear definition of common goals;

develop the ability to work under pressure, with discipline and a strong motivation;

stimulate a sense of energy, excitement and personal investment in the direction of the team;

challenge stagnant thoughts and accepted assumptions;

learn to run your business like entrepreneurs?

Coaching team

Practical information

Coaching in your premises

Number of sessions as much as needed to reach the goal
Duration of each session half day
Frequency at least 2x per month
Language French, English, Italian, Spanish, German
Coaching location Chemin du Muveran 4, 1012 Lausanne
Term of contract from 1 to 6 months
Fees on request*

* Fees are calculated on the basis of the number of objectives and indicators of success, the complexity of the objectives and the context of the coaching work, the commitment of the clients, evaluated by the coach, the conscience and the determination of the coachees.