Coaching children

From 7 to 17 years old

Is your child addicted to video games, cell phones or the internet?

Does your child have a lack of attention, is he/she hyperactive?

Are exams becoming a nightmare?

The methodology of my coaching partners is flexible, applicable to all ages. Your child will quickly and sustainably overcome her/his limited concentration, his/her fear of exams or sleep alone. She/He will increase his self-confidence, he/she will be able to face the challenges of childhood with confidence, happiness and pleasure

Coaching children


What would happen if your child:

is free from pressure, happy, respectful of the rules;

controls anxiety, irritation, frustration and lack of time;

improves ability to study and remained focused;

manages stress during exams, masteres crises and daily fears;

has fun performing various tasks and easily passes from childhood to adolescence;

shows confidence and strengthened his talents?

Coaching children

Practical information

Coaching in our premises

Number of sessions as much as needed to reach the goal
Duration of each session from 30 mins to 2h, individually
Frequency at least 1x per month
Language French, English, Italian, Spanish, German
Coaching location Chemin du Muveran 4, 1012 Lausanne
Term of contract from 1 to 12 months
Fees on request*

* The fees are calculated on the basis of: the number of objectives and indicators of success, the complexity of the objectives and the context of the coaching work, the commitment of the coached person, evaluated by the coach, the awareness and determination of the coachee vis-à-vis his/her objectives. Travel and other expenses are not included in this package.